EURO 2020 - basic information

Our portal covers such a popular and sometimes scandalous championship EURO 2020, which even had to be postponed. This event is not only known for this and therefore users can always find all the latest information on our website. Euro 2020 matches, playoffs, national team winner and much more you can find out in a couple of clicks! But first a little about the championship.

Euro 2020

The 2020 European Football Championship, which was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, took place from June 11 to July 11, 2021. This tournament was special because it was the first time in history that matches were played not in one or two host countries, but in 11 cities and 11 countries.

The Italian national team became the Euro 2020 champions after defeating England in the final in a penalty shootout 3-2. Venues: The matches were held in the following cities: Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Rome and St. Petersburg.

What can be found on the site?

If you really love soccer, then sometimes there is a desire to review an interesting tournament with a great denouement. That is exactly what EURO 2020 is. Let’s see what you can find on the main page and what interesting information will be waiting for you:

  • EURO 2020 table;
  • Calendar;
  • Match records;
  • Championship teams;
  • Match Results;
  • And even a blog!

In short, we tell you everything about soccer and try to bring pleasant feelings of nostalgia to every fan of the big sport.

Thanks to the opportunity to review old matches, it is highly recommended to once again enjoy the final, in which the England national team did not reach the Italians. This confrontation fans will remember for a long time, and our users highlight this meeting as one of the most interesting and intriguing at the championship.

Many also note the first matches, in which, as we can remember, there were quite a lot of unexpected results, which made EURO 2020, maybe not the most perfect tournament, but certainly one of the most memorable, and that’s why it still attracts fans!