Football-heroes: why EURO 2020?

If you have visited our website, you probably already know that the main topic is the championship EURO 2020, which was one of the landmark events in COVID times. No matter what anyone says, and still many soccer fans remember not only the beautiful playoffs and finals, but also the first matches, which caused no less emotions.

Our portal tries to tell about all the nuances that can be associated with the tournament, that’s why if you were looking for something interesting, it’s to us! Excellent optimization and easy navigation is our end, already now you can find:

  • Euro 2020 matches;
  • Championship standings;
  • How the selection for the tournament went;
  • Which national team won the tournament;

Despite the fact that everything is quite simple, readers often have questions, which we are always ready to answer!

How can we be contacted?

Euro 2020

You don’t need to do much to get in touch with us, all you need is an up-to-date contact and a reason to do so! There can be as many reasons as there are issues, so we can highlight the most common ones today:

  • You have found a bug or flaw and want to report it;
  • You have a question about the technical part of the site;
  • You have a commercial proposal for the portal;
  • Ideas for improving the site.

Our agents will answer you as soon as possible, because we are always ready to make contact, especially if it will be useful for you and for us!

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How long do I have to wait for a response?

We are almost always in touch, but the response time may depend on many factors that we simply cannot predict. Appeal can be absolutely on different topics, which accordingly require different response times.

Our agents try to respond to email inquiries within 12 hours, but if you have an urgent problem and you need to solve it right now, it is best to use a cell phone.